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Adventurously Brewed



Duncannon, PA

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Pick-Up Fridays 5-6 p.m.

5 N Market St. Duncannon, PA 


Only the Freshest

At Lindgren Craft Brewery we believe in fresh ingredients and unusual combinations.


Perry County and agriculture run deep in our veins, which is why we try to put something that has meaning to us in every beer we brew.

We believe in supporting local businesses whenever possible. We have an admiration for the other farmers and business owners who planted roots in this area and share the same visions of prosperity that we do!


Starting from scratch on our family farm was not easy, nor was it pretty, but man... was it worth it. Hard work and dedication tend to pay off when passion drives you! That is something we hope you can taste in all of our beers and products.




Process is Key
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Great Beer is for
All to Experience

break the ice.

About Us

At Lindgren Craft Brewery we are about putting the beer first. We are made up of explorers, scientists, and farmers who represent the hardworking men and women of our community. We work to pay attention and develop every detail  that goes into the beers we are putting into the hands of drinkers.

To us "Adventurously Brewed" means using fresh ingredients to create high quality classics while pushing the envelope to brew unique combinations. 

Drinkers deserve to experience a connection with the beers they are drinking. To our drinkers we want "Adventurously Brewed" to represent the moments experienced while sharing a craft brew around a camp fire with friends, telling family stories over a vintage barrel aged ale at a holiday dinner, or simply those little moments that are most meaningful to the ones in attendance.

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