Lager Variety Pack includes: 

2-12 oz. Bottles of Lindgren Lager

2-12 oz. Bottles of At The Party She Was Kindness

2-12 oz. Bottles of Wish You Were Beautiful


Wish You Were Beautiful

Lager Brewed with Sweet Potatoes

6.47% ABV || 30 IBUs


A twist on our classic It's Beautiful and So Are You, Wish You Were Beautiful is the same recipe brewed as a lager! Drinkers will experience a similar flavor profile with a crisper finish. A lager brewed with sweet potatoes (But you'll never taste them!). Light, smooth, refreshing with a little sweetness added, this ale is brewed with sweet potatoes, whole leaf hops, and is gluten reduced to <10 parts/million. The FDA states that the threshold consumable by those with Celiac Disease is <20 ppm, making this craft beer able to be enjoyed by all!


At The Party She Was Kindness

Pilsner Style Cali Common

4.75% ABV


A light and refreshing Pilsner style Cali Common brewed with Saaz. If the weather isn’t enough to make you ready for spring, this beer will be!


Lindgren Lager

Classic American Lager

4.2% ABV || 13 IBUs


A classic American Lager inspired by one of Pennsylvania’s most famous lagers. A clean, crisp, handsome lager.

Lager Variety 6-Pack


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